Endowment Programs

“As my ancestors planted before us, so must we plant for our children”*

* Talmud 

Jewish tradition teaches us that one of our key responsibilities is to make the world a better place for future generations. By establishing new and or enhancing an existing permanent endowment gift to Congregation Etz Chaim, you are helping to ensure that the culture, traditions and values of our congregation will exist for generations to come. You are also passing your values l'dor v 'dor -from generation to generation - and ensuring that Congregation Etz Chaim, our tree of life, continues to be fruitful, grow stronger, and enhance the lives of our family for generations to come.

Congregation Etz Chaim’s Endowment’s are segregated into a special investment accounts separate and distinct from the ordinary financial operations of the Synagogue. Certain funds are earmarked as “unrestricted” while other funds are categorized for a named purpose or considered “restricted” and designated to be used for the specific purpose that is predetermined under an agreement between the Synagogue and the respective donor.


Congregation Etz Chaim’s Endowment Programs are comprised of three types of Endowment Programs: Congregation Etz Chaim Legacy EndowmentsNamed Endowments and General Endowment Fund 



Legacy Gifts and Planned Permanent Gifts are endowments created via Major Gifts, Planned Giving, Bequests, Annuities, and the like. 

Within the synagogue’s Legacy Program, Congregation Etz Chaim has established:


This fund has been established to (1) provide net earnings for the normal operations of the Congregation and (2) to be specifically available to the Congregation for the construction of a new building to house the Congregation or make “Comprehensive Renovations” to the Congregation’s building.  

I am interested in Participating in the Special Legacy Endowment Fund  


This endowment program has been establish to allow donors to make lasting contributions via planned giving such as bequest to Congregation Etz Chaim which will keep our Jewish community strong for generations. Everyone has a unique family and financial situation. You can create a legacy gift of any size to match your personal circumstances.

Options include:

  • A simple bequest in a will or trust
  • An outright gift, using appreciated assets or cash
  • A life insurance policy
  • A charitable remainder trust
  • A charitable gift annuity

 I am interested in Participating in the Tree of Life Legacy Program 



These are endowments that have been created to support specific programs and services of the synagogue.  Generally these endowment funds are a means for a congregant(s) to honor or memorialize someone in perpetuity or to establish a fund with a specified intended use of the proceeds.  Establishing a new Named Endowment fund requires a commitment of a minimum of $50,000 over a three year period.


Existing endowments can be found in the Fund Donations and include:

  • Cynthia Freeman Memorial Endowment
  • Gertrude & Joe Wilensky Memorial Endowment
  • John H. Rabin Memorial Endowment
  • Phillip Michael Silverman Memorial Endowment
  • Rabbi Shalom J. Lewis Endowment
  • Radow Youth Endowment
  • Sisterhood Sustaining Endowment
  • Staff Appreciation Endowment
  • The Milton B. Berland Memorial Endowment

I would like to contribute to one of the above Named Endowments


I am interested in establishing a New Named Endowment 



Donations to this endowment fund are a means for a congregant(s) to honor or memorialize someone in perpetuity.  It is an option for individual congregants as well as their families and friends to contribute in amounts less than those required for a Named Endowment.  Minimum contributions to the General Endowment are $100.00.

I would like to be contacted to learn more about Congregation Etz Chaim’s Endowment Programs


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