Sababa USY Chapter Executive Board Information


  • Attend 75% chapter functions (PRESIDENT 90%). Be on time and stay until the end of the program (unless unforeseen circumstances would prevent you from doing so, which should be discussed ahead of time).
  • Attend all scheduled board meetings. 
  • Attend a minimum of 1 Shabbat services (Friday night and/or Saturday morning) each month at Congregation Etz Chaim. We encourage you to attend as a group!
  • Conduct yourself in accordance with the behavioral guidelines as outlined by Congregation Etz Chaim and United Synagogue Youth.
  • Be willing to reach out to others and make them feel welcome and included. Accept individual differences.
  • Make weekly phone calls, emails, texts, FB messages, etc. to chapter members and prospective members regarding programming.
  • Serve as a mentor to future chapter leaders.
  • Carry out responsibilities only with consent and approval of the chapter youth director.
  • Refrain from conducting USY business via phone or e-mail on Shabbat and Yom Tov.
  • Regard all matters discussed at board meetings as private and privileged information.
  • Attend Wacky Wednesdays, including Mincha/Maariv services at 6:30pm.
  • Resolve any staff/board conflicts behind closed doors. Present a united front at all times in public, even when opposing views have been expressed.
  • Work in cooperation with sub-regional and regional counterparts.
  • Do your best to attend regional and subregional programs & actively recruit chapter members to attend as well.
  • Board participation at regional and subregional programs is strongly encouraged.
  • Possess a positive attitude and a friendly disposition.  Be welcoming to all members and guests at all times.
  • Membership status must be fulfilled by September 1st, 2015.
  • Failure to abide by these requirements may result in being asked to step down from position


**You may NOT run for a Sababa USY Executive Board Position if you hold a board position with another Jewish Youth Group (ex. BBYO, NFTY, Young Judea, etc).  Although you are welcome to participate in other youth groups, it is a conflict of interest/conflict of time to serve on both boards.


------------------------------------------------------------OFFICER PROFILES----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Following are the guidelines for each board position. Every office is a link in the chain that makes USY a well-rounded organization. Every position is an important one and helps us provide “something for everyone.”

It is important to note that a good board member will adhere to the responsibilities outlined below. However, an OUTSTANDING board member will also look to enhance his/her position by developing new programs that generate increased participation and visibility. A position is only as successful as it’s board member. IF you put in the effort, you will be satisfied with your level of hard work you put into creating something amazing.

A strong leader is one who can share the limelight. Much of your portfolio can be delegated to others. By establishing and overseeing chapter members made up of the general membership, you will help cultivate leadership and ensure a strong future for the chapter.

As a board member, there can be many opportunities for creative license. Be prepared to run with the ball!

• The Chapter President must conduct oneself in a mature manner at all times and strive to be diplomatic in judgment. This individual must also be prepared to balance friendships with his/her role as an authority figure.
• The USY President is a valued member of the Synagogue Youth Commission and must attend all scheduled meetings (approximately every other month).
• Represent Sababa USY at all sub-regional and regional functions, including, but not limited to: Chapter Presidents Weekend, Fall Subregional Convention, Regional General Board Weekend, Spring Subregional Convention, and Regional Convention.
• Attendance at International Convenion is strongly encouraged.
• Schedule and conduct all chapter board meetings.
• Assist with all programming aspects of the chapter and oversee the tasks of each officer.
• Prepare and submit Chapter of Excellence materials to the regional office.
• Prepare and coordinate Slinky Competition.
• Maintain close ties with the Youth Director with regard to all chapter matters. Be willing to assess and remedy weaknesses in the functioning of the chapter. Help establish specific long range planning goals for the chapter.

Religion/Education VP
• Responsible for all religious, educational (religious & secular), Shabbat and holiday based programs.
• Work to increase level of Shabbat attendance among membership.
• Consult with Rabbi and Ritual Director of Congregation Etz Chaim with regard to all matters related to Minhag HaMakom (customs within our congregation).
• Coordinate services during all applicable programs.
• Plan and implement High Holiday Teen services. Encourage membership in USY’s Heschel Honor Society, in which an individual must engage in acts of Torah, Avodah (study) and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness).
• Assist the President and Mem/Kad VP in recruiting chapter members.

Israel Affairs VP
• Help chapter members ascertain a strong link to Eretz Yisrael via Israel programming, community wide Israel events, and HeChalutzim -USY’s Israel Awareness group.
• Israel Updates to the chapter via e-mail twice a month updating USYers on Israel Current Events, Pop Culture, etc.
• Educate chapter members about special programs offered by International USY, such as Wheels, Pilgrimage, USY High, Nativ, etc.
• Contact chapter members weekly via phone, email, text, Facebook, etc. to encourage attendance to programs.
• Assist the President and Mem/Kad VP in recruiting chapter members.

Social Action/Tikun Olam VP
• Responsible for all programs relating to Social Awareness
• Tikun Olam (“Repairing the World”) fundraising throughout the year.
• Work with Youth Director and President to establish a Tikun Olam goal for the coming year.
• Design innovative Social Action programs that motivate others to make a difference in the world.
• Establish opportunities for USY’ers to help us reach our goal by raising money towards the Tikun Olam goal.
• Plan Etz Chaim’s annual Purim Carnival.
• Contact chapter members weekly via phone, email, text, Facebook, etc. to encourage attendance to programs.
• Assist the President and Mem/Kad VP in recruiting chapter members.

Programming VP
• Responsible for all social-based programs.
• Work with Membership VP to increase level of freshman attendance among membership.
• Work with Membership VP to integrate icebreakers and mixers during programs.
• Work with Youth Director and Mem/Kad VP to plan Kickoff event in late August and end of the year event in May.
• Contact chapter members weekly via phone, email, text, Facebook, etc. to encourage attendance to programs.
• Assist the President and Mem/Kad VP in recruiting chapter members.

Membership/Kadima VP
• Create programs and strategies that seek to increase and retain membership.
• Personally contact potential members to encourage them to join.
• Personally contact members to inform of upcoming programs and encourage them to attend.
• Welcome new members and develop mechanisms for successful integration into the chapter.
• Maintain attendance for all programs.
• Plan Freshman programs.
• Plan and implement transitional programming for 8th graders entering USY.
• Contact members that have low attendance to get them back to USY.
• Maintain contact with Kadima members and attend various Kadima programming.

Communications VP
• Take minutes at all board meetings and distribute to officers within 3 days of meeting.
• Remind Board members of upcoming meetings at least one week in advance.
• Create flyers AND Facebook Events.
• Create and manage phone callers.
• Set up an e-mail directory, and send e-mail announcements of chapter, sub-regional and regional events, including upcoming RSVP and paperwork deadlines.
• Send thank you notes to those who work on programs or contribute to the chapter.
• Send birthday cards, “We miss you” cards, get well, etc.
• Coordinate efforts with photo/historian committee. Collect and organize event photos on a regular basis and help organize end of year slide show/video.
• Contact chapter members weekly via phone, email, text, Facebook, etc. to encourage attendance to programs.
• Assist the President and Mem/Kad VP in recruiting chapter members.




Chapter elections will take place on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Candidates are to submit a one page, typewritten “brag sheet” that illustrates his/her qualifications, personality, and tells us who a candidate is. Parent/Candidate Contract and Intent to Run form must be submitted no later than Wednesday, April 13th, 2016. Brag Sheets must be submitted to the Youth Director by Sunday, April 17th, 2016.  All approved brag sheets will be distributed at the time of elections. Only those USYers who have submitted contracts by the April 13th deadline with brag sheets submitted by April 17th will be eligible to run for office.  After turning in your Intent to Run and Contract, you will be contacted to meet with the Youth Director (Perry Birbrager).  You may not run for election without this meeting taking place.


Although you are permitted to campaign by phone calls and emails ONLY, anything that could be considered slander of other candidates will not be tolerated and may cost you the ability to run for office. It is your responsibility to inform your peers of the possible consequences.


Candidates may select any paid member of Sababa USY to nominate him/her for office. The nomination should be brief and concise. (Example: “I nominate                                .) Such an endorsement is sufficient since your reputation should speak for itself. When another paid Sababa USYer seconds the nomination, you will be asked if you wish to accept. Once that occurs, you are officially a candidate for office!


For each position, candidates will be called on to speak in alphabetical order. Presidential candidates will be given a maximum of five minutes, and all others will have three minutes. Speeches will be timed, and you will be given notice after each minute has passed. During the last minute, you will receive a final thirty-second warning. Give careful thought to what you are going to say. Tell everybody what you plan to accomplish. Avoid reiterating your qualifications since they will be included on your brag sheet. Speak slowly, be tactful, and let your personality shine through!  We encourage creative speeches as well!  As you know, running for office can be very stressful. Therefore, it is in your best interest to prepare your speech well in advance and avoid risks.


All paid members of USY who are currently in the 9th-12th grade will be given ballots at the start of elections. Individuals must be in the room for all speeches of a given office in order to vote for that office. Ballots will be collected and counted by the Youth Director, Youth Advisor and chapter President. Specific results will remain confidential in all circumstances. The person who wins with a clear majority of the counted votes will be declared the winner. When more than two persons are running for an office and a clear majority is not evident, ballots will be cast again and a runoff between the two candidates with the most votes will take place. If this occurs again, decision will be made confidentially. In the event that an individual is running unopposed, the vote will be called by voice. (Voters will respond with “aye” or “nay”.) If there are any “nay” votes, we will proceed with a closed ballot vote and the candidate will require a majority to win the election. 


The new board will be installed at the end of year banquet on Wednesday May 18th. B’Hatzlacha!

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Congregation Etz Chaim is a progressive, egalitarian Conservative synagogue that provides meaningful Jewish experiences in a welcoming, engaging environment.  We offer:


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A caring community that supports each other through both joyful and challenging life cycle events
Connections with the broader community and opportunities for Tikkun Olam...

Our intention, in all activities, is to provide an environment of warmth and an opportunity for personal growth. We celebrate together, we pray together, and we learn together, making Etz Chaim truly a home away from home. 


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