Sababa USY Chapter Executive Board-Meet the Team!

Presenting the 2016-2017 Sababa Executive Board!


Executive Board Members

President-Noam Kleinman 

Contact Information: [email protected]

Good Morning, or afternoon, or whatever. I'm Noam Kleinman your Sababa President. I'm a Senior at Wheeler High School, and have a wide variety of interests and likes, so much that there's always something to talk about. If you have something weird or unusual that you like, come talk to me! I'd love to learn more about things. To sign off, here's a weird thought: For my last meal before execution I'd get 40 boxes of Ice Cream Sundae Pop-tarts, eat half, and use the rest to coat myself in Pop-tarts to make the executioner really uncomfortable. 




Executive Vice President: Madelyn Chernau

Contact Information: [email protected]




Membership/Kadima VP-Ben Surasky

Contact Information: [email protected] 

Hey Sababa,
Ben Surasky here, your '16-'17 Membership/Kadima VP! I'm just a southern GIY born in Northside Hospital. I'm a 10th grader at Pope High School. My favorite kitchen utensil is the Sporktula (spatula+fork+spoon) and my favorite disease is the Zika Virus. I guess that's about it except that I'm super excited for this year and can't wait for what this year has to offer!
Ben Surasky




Religion/Education VP-Chase McGrath

Contact Information: [email protected]





Israel Affairs VP-Lian Kleinman

Contact Information: [email protected] 

Hi!! I'm Lian Kleinman your Sababa Israel Affairs VP. I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. I am a sophomore at Pope High School. I'm on the Pope cross country team and love working with kids :)

I love food, jamming out to music and hanging out with friends. And of course I LOVE usy! I can't wait for a hoppin' year with all of my frogs!





Social Action/Tikun Olam VP-Hailey Figur

Contact Information: [email protected] 



Programming VP-Tali Lyons

Contact Information: [email protected] 

Hi I'm Tali Lyons and I'm Sababa's Programming VP.  I am a sophomore at Walton High School.  When I'm not programming I'm either hanging out with my friends or working at Etz chaim religious school as a madricha. I love to listen to music and and eno at East Cobb Park. I'm so excited for this up coming year... GO FROGS!

Communications VP-Josh Weinberg

Contact Information: [email protected]

If you ever need anything you know who to go to. A song exists illustrating this; it goes,"Lenaon me, when you are unsure, she'll be your friend. She will help you find Etz Chaaaiiimmm."


Etz Chaim is...

Congregation Etz Chaim is a progressive, egalitarian Conservative synagogue that provides meaningful Jewish experiences in a welcoming, engaging environment.  We offer:


Inspiring religious services
Educational, social, and cultural activities, serving multi-generational needs
A caring community that supports each other through both joyful and challenging life cycle events
Connections with the broader community and opportunities for Tikkun Olam...

Our intention, in all activities, is to provide an environment of warmth and an opportunity for personal growth. We celebrate together, we pray together, and we learn together, making Etz Chaim truly a home away from home. 


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Come and get involved with your community!

We need 1) A Shabbat Greeter; 2) Social Action volunteers! Contact Joe Freeman



Looking for a Conservative Synagogue?
Please join us for Shabbat Services!
New and prospective members are always welcome!

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